Infinity love for this fella


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Hey again,

I have a gushing kinda love for this fella – my other half, my bestie!
This day he kept the dinosaur sticker on and wore it for most of the afternoon because the kids loved how it looked on him…what a kind hearted dude!

I made this page with a new kit by Amber Shaw called I Love You Infinity and it can be found here at Scrap Orchard:
If you purchase the kit, you get a whole pack of flowers free, but only for a few days while it’s a new release in the Scrap Orchard market.

The template pack is a new set from Fiddle Dee Dee Designs called Very Favourite 2.
Cheryl (creator of Fiddle Dee Dee Designs) has a Free with Purchase offer on as well. Purchase One pack of templates, get the 2nd matching free….that’s 8 templates for $3.60!
You can find it here:

That’s all from me this weekend, have a great one!
xx kel


Carry on and Sunnies Boy


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I love it when the kids ‘ham it up’ for the camera! This layout is one of those rare occasions, especially for my DS. I must have snagged him on an ‘extrovert’ day.

The kit/bundle I used for this page, (and definitely for more pages to come because I love this kit) is called Carry On by Tracie Stroud, it can be found over at Scrap Orchard here:

The template I purchased during the summer sale over at Scrap Orchard too and it’s one of Fiddle Dee Dee Designs. I love that it has lots of photo spots! You can find it here:

Font is 4 Star Face Font and it’s kinda fun, matching the 5 favourite things I love about my boy.

How long has it been since you’ve made a top 5 list about something…’s really easy to list about a person, but what about movies, tv shows, toys, books, flowers, food, the list is endless!
Hope you have a great weekend scrapping or photographing some memories.
xx kel

Dance to your imaginary song and Messy Mists


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This weekend, Fiddle Dee Dee Designs at Scrap Orchard has a new release called Messy Mists. If you purchase Fuss Free Messy Mists #3, you’ll get #4 Free. You can find it at Scrap Orchard here: fdd_ffMM4

This page I’ve created is with one of the templates from the #4 pack. It has gorgeous watercolour splotches – that are kinda hard to see on my LO……it’s the fawn/beige colour paper that I’ve clipped to them.

I also duplicated the watercolour splotch, rotated it and then duplicated it a few more times and clipped my bottom photo to it – so it kind of works like a mask.

The kit I used is one by Megan Turnidge, called Miss Priss. I chose this kit because it suited the pink in my DD’s skirt and the printing on the shirt.

I also digitally cut up the stitched frames so they’d fit my photos perfectly too.

Hope you’re having a great week…..maybe you could have a little dance in your kitchen when no ones looking too!
xx kel

Playing in Sand with Summer Blues by Amber Shaw


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Another flashback, this time to 2011.
I’m scanning back looking through some old-ish (not that old really in the grand scheme of things, but not uber recent either) photos and wanting to scrap those sweet memories.

The kit I used is Summer Blues by Amber Shaw and can be found at Scrap Orchard here:

The Template is by Fiddle Dee Dee Designs and is currently free as part of a template challenge at Scrap Orchard.

Font: Pea Missy

Love you more than all of the above.


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This page is a bit of a throwback to 2009 with my DD!
What a sweetie pie! She had so much fun playing in the little plastic house this particular day and was doubly happy picking flowers from the garden.

The template I used is:
Fuss Free: To Die For by FiddleDeeDee Designs and can be found here:

The kit I used was from Bella Gypsy:
Bella Gypsy I love you 100 Bundle. It has both masculine and feminine parts which is great for scrapping your little son or daughter and can be found here at Scrap Orchard:,

Font: Britannic Bold

Sweet Dreams, Zzzzzz Anywhere


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If you read my previous post, I said that I love to watch my kids sleep. Another love of mine is to watch our pets have a good old snooze session as well.

It’s easier to photograph our dogs now (we have 2) as they’re old and I can sneak up on them with the camera and they tend to not hear me at all.

Our kitty Pebbles is a fairly light sleeper, she hears me sneak up and will often flinch or wake up when the camera snaps a photo. I end up with alot of photos of Pebbles, half asleep, looking up at me, probably thinking “whaaaat?”

This page is made with the successful photo’s of Pebbles Cat Napping – yay!

I used one of the new templates by Fiddle Dee Dee called Fuss Free: Sweet Dreams that matches the new kit release by Amber Shaw Sweet Dreams.

You can check them both out at Scrap Orchard.

Template by Fiddle Dee Dee – Fuss Free: Sweet Dreams,

Sweet Dreams by Amber Shaw

Fonts I used are AlDancingEgypt, Antipasto.

Hope you have a great weekend, it’s another beautiful day here!

Sweet Dreams, Half On Half Off



I love watching my kids sleep….do you?

They are just soooo peaceful and relaxed, even if they hang half off the bed LOL

My page was made using Amber Shaw’s Kit Sweet Dreams and it’s new over at Scrap Orchard if you’re keen to check it out.

Template by dolores scheaffeur-template-19, Font: Myanmar MN, Dr Soos.
Arrow by Allison Pennington. (I love these arrows, it was a RAK from Alison and I use them quite often on my pages!)

Stop and Slow Down


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Hey again,

I’ve got a common theme running through my pages at the right now……slowing down, enjoying the moment, rest up and stop!
Ha! yes holidays were great for us.
This page is from our time away with family at the beach near Bundaberg.

For my Stop digi page, I used Slow Down Kit and Journal Cards, by Amber Shaw and Bella Gypsy – at Scrap Orchard.

Template: LGFD-FFVol7 adjusted,
Font: SketchMe.
Blends by Tracie Stroud – Blend Your Cares Away.

Look Up with My Anchor Kit



Vacations and holidays are a wonderful thing. It’s often a time to reflect and look back without ‘busy life distractions’ getting in the way.

The digi page “Look Up’ is from our time away with family up at Bundaberg. Even though it was only a few days, we totally cherished the peaceful time at the beach. I love it how my DS and his grandma lie on the beach looking at the clouds and beach birds.

If you get a chance to today, why don’t you pop outside and ‘look up’ at the wonders and beauty of nature.

The kit I used is Called My Anchor by Amber Shaw at Scrap Orchard here:
Template- ashaw-hotcocoa-temps3,
Font: Didot, DJB Shannon Print.
#ashaw ashaw-anchor

Fly Away With Me and Woosh



TS_Fly_Woosh_2013-copy by Skippyherron
TS_Fly_Woosh_2013-copy, a photo by Skippyherron on Flickr.

We are home from a much needed holiday this week.
I am so thankful for wonderful family, good health, great weather and just time as a family!
I feel refreshed, re-focused and a bit more peaceful. (except for the unpacked suitcase on my lounge room floor – oh well, tomorrow is another day)
I have a new page with my sweet, honey bunch darling daughter using Tracie Strouds new kit Fly Away With Me.
You can find it at Scrap Orchard, along with lots of lovely example pages too.

Have a gorgeous weekend with your loved ones! xx kel

Via Flickr:
Tracie Stroud – Fly Away With Me,
Tracie Stroud – Blend Your Cares Away Vol2..
Template by Lorie M Designs,
Extra’s Staple from Tracie Stroud Capture Life April, Photo adjustment by CoffeeShop, Font: DJB Shannon Print.